GCh Grayfriar’s Max CGN RA , sire of multiple champions, is available at stud to approved bitches. The Cairn terrier is a feisty little dog with a big attitude. Intelligent and independent, yet loving and loyal to his family the Cairn terrier is an alert and active little dog. He is surprisingly robust for his size and enjoys most outdoor activities, yet is happy to spend time cuddling or just being with his people. Considered to be a working terrier, the Cairn was originally bred to chase foxes, badgers and other vermin. This must be taken into consideration when bringing him into a home with other animals. They will very happily chase rodents, cats, and birds. His take charge nature requires that owners be both firm and gentle in his training, as he will be quite happy to rule the house if they don’t. While considered a non-shedding breed, this harsh coated terrier does require regular grooming. He is considered to be hypoallergenic, but it must be remembered that this is only means ‘less likely’ to be an allergy issue. The Cairn terrier will grow to be between 9 and 11 inches at the shoulder and about 12 to 17 pounds as an adult. Cairns may be any colour other than white, and come in a variety of shades of wheaten, red, though to a dark brindled grey. Colour often changes as the dog matures. Dark muzzle, ear and tail colour is desirable. Buying a Cairn must be considered a long term commitment as they may live 16 to 18 years.