Brodie – Can. Int. Ch. Laponderosa’s Road To Lenwin

  • Top Beagle in Canada 1997 – 1998
  • Appeared in the movie Best In Show
  • Shown by Handle and friend Sandy Bryce

Bradie – Ch. Laponderosa’s Weathervane

  • a Brodie son, Co-bred with friend Heather O’Hara
  • Many puppy group and specialty wins

Aava – Ch. Galadriel – Born in Holland

  • A Bradie daughter and Brodie granddaughter
  • One of the top hounds (#7), handled by Milton Lopez

Ebony – Multi. Ch. Laponderosa’s Designs In Black

  • Daughter of Matthew (imported from Holland) and Can.Ch.Daragoj Designer Genes (Finland).
  • Handled by Milton Lopez, travelled to Brazil, competed 7 titles.

Mason – Ch. Laponderosa’s Mason of Waskasoo

  • Father of many champions including Olive, Opal.

Olive – Ch. Laponderosa’s A Dry Martini

  • Daughter of Mason Mother to Bon Jovi and Celine

Wyatt – Can. Mex. Ch. Laponderosa’s Baying Bandit

  • Sent to Mexico.
  • His son (a red and white) went to top beagle in the USA all systems with handler Marcelo Chagas.

Shrek – Multi. Ch. Torquay Shrek

  • Co-owned by Marcelo Chagas and Estelle Laponder
  • Handled by Milton Lopez in Canada
  • We were very lucky to have had the opportunity to co-own this gorgeous boy.
  • Shrek Prodigy with Aava:
    • – Can.Ch. Laponderosa’s Farkle
    • – Can.Ch. Laponderosa’s Felicia – owned by Karen Metcalfe of Nova
    • Scotia Both are winners at specialties/puppy groups.

Mitzi – Laponderosa’s A Dream Come True

  • Shrek Granddaughter owned by Shanna Ramsey
  • 27 working titles in various forms of tracking and obedience.

Will – Ch. Beagelee Man In Black

  • Imported from Australia
  • Father of many champions including Bon Jovi, Celine, Leelu.

Bon Jovi – Multi Int. BIS, BISS, Can. Ch. Laponderosa’s Bad Medicine

  • Owned by Dairun Kennels in Spain
  • Oankoo Ch. (Russian Club), Russian Ch., RKF Ch., International Ch., Estonian Ch., Ukrainian Ch., Belarusian Ch., Canadian Ch., Slovenian Ch., Russian Beagle Club Ch. x 3, Karawanken Winner ’15, Champion Class Winner, CAC, Res. Best Male Russian National Sspecialty “ARKTUR CUP” Judging by Leanne Duval “Beagelee Kennel” 108 beagles entered. Shortlisted Champion Class European Dog Show BRNO 2014 BIS Club Show 2014 Judging by Olga Shilova “Kara Urus Kennel” BIS Club Show 2014 Judging by Andras Korozs, Best Champion Male, CAC “RKF Predisdent Cup” 2014 Judging by Adrian Landarte “El Retorno”. Best Champion Male CAC “EURASIA 2” 2015, RBIS Club Show CRIMEA (UCRANIA) 2014 Reserve Class Winner “ARKTUR CUP 15” and “National Specialty 15” judging by Holovitz Lajos (Gala Kennel) Club Winner, BEST IN SHOW CLUB SHOW 9/01/16 judging by Revaz Khomasuridze, BEST IN SHOW CLUB SHOW 23/02/16 under Shamil Abrakimov, BEST IN SHOW 3 and BEST IN SHOW 4 NDS TULA Russia under Alla Filatova y Oleg Vasilev Multiple BOB, BOG, BIS Winner in Spain, Russia, France and Canada.
  • Sire of many BPIS and BIS winners in Europe and Russia.

I am very proud of our beagles. They have excelled in conformation, performance, and as loving companions. I have imported from the top kennels in the world to make what our dogs are today.

Various Kennels:
Lenwin – Manitoba, Canada
Maiorca – Brazil, South America
Daragoj – Finland
Seargent Pepper – Holland
Beagelee – Australia
Dairun – Spain

Our beagles are known world-wide. They have excelled in conformation and are in pedigrees across the globe, including: Brazil, France, Holland, Mexico, Spain, Canada, and the United States. Now I will co-own with Amanda Wise an amazing co-breeder and a special friend.